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The Tiki Hut Houseboat

Meets All U.S. Coast Guard Houseboat Regulations



Click here to see a Video of this Floating Tiki Hut houseboat

Real Tiki Bar inside, bunk beds that fold into the wall!




Would you like to enlarge it? We are now offering to make an addition of a back bedroom suite with a sundeck on top!

15'x42' , 6'x12' sleeping loft, 14'x10' bedroom, 14'x10' sundeck

982 Sq.Ft.



  Construction Details - Floating Tiki Hut
12'x36' Overall Cabin Dimensions
6'x12' Overhead Sleeping Loft
576 Sf. Total Square Footage
  Floatation System & Aluminum Frame
12'x36' Heavy Gauge 2 1/4"x8" All Aluminum Extruded Main Frame
  3"x3" Alum Sq. tubing 11'8" LG
  3"x3" Alum Sq. tubing 28' LG
  21/2"x 3" Alum. I Beam 11'2" lg
  3"x3" Sq. Alum. Tubing 7"lg
  8" H.W.  Alum 11'-8" lg. 45*-45*
  8" H.W. Alum  28 lg. 45*-45*
  8" L.W. Alum 18"lg 45*-45*
  1/4"x2" Alum Flat plate 10'lg
  1/4"x2"  Alum Flat plate 18'-2 1/4" Lg
  8"LW Alum 11'3"
  8" L.W.  Alum 1'-9 3/4' LG
6'x12' Back Deck  platform with outboard motor insert Optional
30 EPS Floatation Billets enclosed with High-Density Polyethylene
432 SF Industrial EPDM Rubber  Membrane  barrier
  Cabin Construction
  Standing Seam (25 Yr.) Metal Roof
  Cedar Porch Ceiling
  6ft x 12ft Sleeping loft over Porch
  Cathedral and vaulted ceilings
  2x4 Wall Studs on 16" centers
  3/4 pressure treated (marine Plywood) sub floor
  Water proof Luann flooring underlayment
  Low Maintenance Synthetic porch decking
  Weather barrier House wrap
  Outside  Lap Channel cedar Siding
   Cedar Boxed roof Cornish
  Cornish vents
  Custom Outside Cedar shutters
  Outside caulked & sealed with Cedar stain/protectant
  Aluminum porch railings & Gates 
  2x6 Rafters on 16" centers
  2x10 Headers-Doors & Windows
  2x8 Treated Floor Joists
  Custom Holding tank and steel braces
  Walls, ceilings & floor system fully insulated
  Wood Ceiling board- Painted & Trimmed
  Wood inside walls- Painted & Custom Trimmed
5 Tilt out double pane  Thermal windows-White Vinyl
  Octagon Window in Sleeping Loft
  Octagon Window In Bedroom
  Full glass Metal back door with built in blinds
1 6' Patio Front door- White Vinyl
  1' x 6 ' Transom windows 
  12,000 BTU GE Zone line  Electric Heat & Air 
  Residential Ceiling  Insulated Heat & Air  Ducts
  Digital wall Thermostat
  High Grade 20 Yr Warranty Vinyl Bamboo Flooring
  Low Boy Residential Water Heater
  Water heater leak protector Pan
  Marine Plumbing and electric- Residential & Marine Code
  Outside Door knobs, deadbolt and chain locks
  Bathroom Door & Hardware
2  Bedroom Doors & Hardware
  Louon interior doors
  Louvered wood bifold pantry door
  Custom inside trim
  Electric & Battery Smoke Alarm
  Wall Fire Extinguisher
  Wall (Pivot)T.V. Mount
  Under Counter Fridge
  Built in Micro Wave
  Stainless steel Kitchen sink/faucets
  2 element Electric Cook Top stove
  Kitchen cabinets & Knobs
  Tiled counter tops & under cabinets splash
  Custom Kitchen Tiki bar
  38" corner shower with door
  Bath Light/Exhaust fan combo
  Residential commode
  Marine Toilet
  Custom commode lid
  Bath vanity, sink & faucets
  Bath vanity mirror
  Bath vanity light
  Over the commode wall storage unit
  Bath accessories
  Wired for light fixtures
  2 ceiling fan/lights
  Over sink light
  Décor light over bedroom octagon window
2 2 outside  Front porch lights
  1 outside Back Light
  Roof Marine  running lights ( Coast Guard Certified)
  Sleeping Loft Wall Light
  Wired for Cable TV.
  Wired For Phone
  Custom Covering for Electrical Box
  Electrical Shore Cord connection
  Furnishings & Décor
  Window & Door Blinds
  Free standing Electric fireplace
  Rolling Solid Wood Library Ladder to Loft
  Sofa & matching pillows
2 End Table
  Indoor/Outdoor Wicker Bistro Table & Two Matching Chairs
3 bamboo Bar Stools & Tiki Bar with Roof/Shelves/glass rack/light
  Baskets/Greenery/Flower Arrangement
  Bar Stools
  Queen Bed 
  Serta Mattresses
  Bedside Table
  Dresser and Mirror
  Bedroom chair or stool
  Bedroom clothes/storage area and shelves
  Queen Bedspread, Sheets, Pillow Shams & Pillows
  Custom Fold into wall bunk beds
2 Bunk Bed Mattress Pads
  2 Kids Loft Mattress pads
  Custom Theme décor 

















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